The Observer Hotel flourish

We've Been Around.

The Observer Hotel has been a long standing pub in the historical Rocks area. It was originally built part of two former hotels: The Observer Tavern and the Waterman’s Arms.

Learn more about the history of this classic Aussie watering hole with our handy timeline.

The Observer Hotel flourish


Frederick Wright Unwin subdivided the site of the Waterman’s Arms, building the sandstone building Observer Tavern.


Established as The Observer Tavern on the same site as The Waterman’s Arms run by Robert Moore


John Speerin was the publican whilst operated by Ferguson family till 1925.


Plans for the new ‘Observer Tavern Hotel’ were approved in May 1908 prepared by Halligan and Wilton, demolishing the Waterman’s Arm.


The current Observer Hotel was built. Tooth & Co purchased the site and held freehold title until the land was again resumed by the SCRA in 1877.


The hotel was reopened by William Balmain.


A brand-new life has been pumped into The Observer Hotel, celebrating life’s greatest pleasures – eating & drinking.